Q. When are you available? I am available between 10am & midnight.

Q. What is your expectation of me when we meet? Excellent personal hygiene is a must. If you did not get a chance to shower before our date, you are welcome to use my shower. I anticipate that you will have washed underneath your arms, your bottom and scrotum. Your pubic hair must be shaved/trimmed closely. If you have permanent facial hair, apply hair conditioner to it in the shower, to soften your beard or mustache so that it does not irritate my skin. You should have minty-fresh breath and your finger nails will be need to be cleaned and trimmed.

Q. I have questions about your rates and services?  During the planning stages I ask that you please refrain from illicit conversation. Don’t ask me explicit questions or describing any illegal services. Should you do this, I will cancel your booking, I will assume are working with Law Enforcement. I will never see you.

Q. Upon Arrival? Please text me when you arrive at my location, please be discrete and pay attention to the instructions I give you.

Q. What are your donations for and how do I pay you? For both incall and outcall the donation for our arrangement should be left in clear view in the restroom upon your arrival.

Q. How do I pay you? The donations are for my time and companionship. It may also be in exchange for certain services such as exotic private dance, modeling, role-playing or sensual teasing. This is not a contracted for, nor is it requested to be contracted for, or compensated for, in any manner other than legal adult personal services.

Q. What is never allowed during sessions? No underage minors. No bareback full service. No blood or scat sports. No animals and No fisting vagina. Please refrain from scheduling with me if you use illegal substances, as I am a drug, 420 and cigarette free and do not partake of, or sell drugs of any kind.

Q. Can I film or take pictures? No photographic or video equipment, including cell phones, are allowed. Just as you value your privacy, mine is equally as important. Please do not try to video me with a hidden camera, I always catch this and you will asked to leave immediately.

Q. What if we are having a great time and I want to stay? That is the beauty of seeing someone with an exclusive clientele. I believe in quality and not quantity, and often have extra time available should you wish to extend the appointment and compensate me accordingly.

Q. No call no show? I do not tolerate No Call/No Shows. If you will be more than 5min late I will try my best to accommodate you. But it is not my responsibility to make up for your tardiness. I cannot promise to keep you past your appointed time. Do not overstay our date. I would feel taken advantage of if this happens.

Q. I see that you require deposits for some appointments. Why is this? When traveling exclusively to another state, or out-of-the-country I require 100% deposit.

Q. Do you do outcalls? I only do outcalls to clients that I have met before. Once we have met I will be happy to do an outcall to your home or upscale hotel.

Q. How to make wardrobe requests, and how will you be dressed? I do not cater to wardrobe requests. For incall, I will greet you in something extremely provocative or outlandish. For outcall, please remember I show my face. My discretion is important. I will arrive in business casual clothing, but can change into something sexy upon my arrival. For dinner and cocktails, I will dress according to the seen.

Q. Do you check for STD’s and do you get tested yourself? I am tested every year in July.

Q. May I use you as a reference? Absolutely. You may use me as a reference if we have seen each other within a year. A good rule of thumb is if I haven’t seen you in more than a year, then you should use someone you have seen more recently. Fill out my Client Reference. I will email the provider and copy you on it for both good and bad referrals.

Q. Where are you located? I am located in an upscale, secured high-rise in Downtown Denver. From most of the downtown hotels, I am within walking distance or only within a few minutes use of cab.

Q. Do you see couples or women? I see gentlemen only. I simply love men most. I do like women but I reserve those relationships for my personal life.

Q. May I ask you personal questions? Don’t not ask me personal questions about my family or my personal life. I don’t ask you.

Q. I contacted you but I have not heard back. Why? I was not available at the time you called. I rather not take a chance and risk contacting you incase your married or have bat shit crazy girlfriend.